HS carbon dioxide recovery device

Equipment Overview:
HS carbon dioxide recovery by the demister, scrubbers, air bag storage, compression, adsorption, drying, liquefaction, storage tanks, filling and ice molding unit.

Typical uses:
Mainly for carbon dioxide recovery plant breweries and alcohol produced during fermentation, which is purified, liquefied, canned and dry-ice system, for use.

Technical parameters:
Specifications Model: HS-300 (HS meaning of recovery)
Recycling capacity: kg / h
After treatment Purity:> 99.9%
Working pressure: 2.0MPa
Storage pressure: 2.0MPa
Liquid CO2Storage temperature: -18
Storage capacity: m3
HS carbon dioxide recovery

Device Configuration Good: The carbon dioxide recovery was similar devices in absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with new developments in our industry and develop mechanical and electrical design, mainly imported equipment condensing unit, compressor oil-free carbon dioxide, flow transmission sensors are domestic first-class equipment; other accessories such as fine metering pumps, water pumps, filling pumps, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, safety valves, control instruments, and other properties of some selected domestic parts, and some excellent selection of properties imported parts.
Comprehensive automation and control: the carbon dioxide recovery automation control using foreign advanced PLC control procedures, chain, security and other considerations have to control every aspect of the comprehensive and reliability, such as the occasional short amount of excess gas source, beyond the carbon dioxide The maximum recovery capacity recovery, the proximity switch signals emitted storage airbag unit, so that in addition to the skimmer drain valve opens automatically to protect the reservoir balloon; proximity switch and the compressor outlet pressure signal chain to control the start and stop of the compressor , while the ability to implement the recovery system has adjustable; absorption tower, drying tower work and regeneration switching signal emitted by the flow sensor and the electric contact thermometer transmission chain; limit the implementation of automatic tank level alarm and control, tank pressure safety protection through automatic ball on the safety valve to perform; while filling the proximity switch on and off by controlling the filling pump start and stop more than just automatic valve, such as a low level in the tank of liquid carbon dioxide, the tank level controller signals, stop filling the pump with a dry ice machine and turn off the automatic valve.
Good reliability: the carbon dioxide recovery of major equipment such as condensing units imported, oil-lubricated compressor carbon dioxide, flow transmitter sensors are domestic first-class equipment, reliable performance, adequate accessories; other accessories such as metering pumps, water pumps , filling pumps, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, safety valves, control instruments, and other some choice of excellent performance of the domestic parts, domestic parts defective performance is excellent selection of imported items, such as PLC programmable controller, etc.; automated control comprehensive; plus we have more than 10 years of stainless steel equipment management theory and production experience, thereby ensuring the carbon dioxide recovery with good reliability.
The main material is stainless steel: The carbon dioxide recovery based on GB1917-80 "food additive liquid carbon dioxide" design, in addition to the reservoir balloon, compressing outside condensing units, demister, scrubbers, absorption towers, drying towers, heat exchangers, storage tanks , dry ice machine, pipes, pumps, valves, flow sensors and transmission oil-free carbon dioxide compressor stainless steel body etc., so that on the one hand to ensure high purity carbon dioxide; hand to the user's use and maintenance also brings great convenience, the majority of users.
Advanced technology: the carbon dioxide recovery was similar devices in absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with the characteristics of the fermentation process designed to reach the international advanced level of similar products.The pressure to the rational design; adopt a multi-method, multi-unit purification measures, post-processing of high purity carbon dioxide, to GB1917-80 "food additive liquid carbon dioxide" standard.
Service is good: In just six years, we have developed a carbon dioxide recovery on sales of nearly thirty units, which is a good after-sales service also has a great relationship.Our contract, stressing credibility, people are thinking for themselves, no matter what the problem device, maintenance and design staff were rushed to give a satisfactory solution.