Rotary Pressure Filter

Product Overview:
-Continuous filtration equipment, filters can handle difficult material.

Continuous rotation of the material into the drum, the drum of a series of special separating cavity, the material to be treated is continuously fed into the cavity under a certain pressure, pressure filtration materials are sealed.With the rotation of the drum, rotating synchronously driven cavity, the cavity formed in the filter cake can be washed by continuous extraction, steam drying operation, finally, the filter cake is automatically dropped, useful solid was recovered.The filter is cleaned, regenerated.
In fact, the continuous rotation of the pressing Filtering machine can handle all of the suspension can be filtered, but also whether it is a continuous requirement
Is volume.Continuous Filtering machine is rotating pressurized fully enclosed structure, especially for volatile solvents containing filter, or toxic and hazardous materials, and environmental security needs airtight occasions.
As a high-performance filtration equipment, rotary continuous pressurized Filtering machine for granular material and easily filtered material handling is an ideal choice.Filtration pressure of the device can be up to 0.6MPa, the maximum output can reach 100 tons per hour cake.
In addition to continuous Filtering machine rotating pressurized closed, continuous, etc., there is a prominent advantage is easy to clean.Casing of the device is easy to open, easy to clean after opening any internal parts, including the drum, filters, etc., can be effectively cleaned inside, to remove contaminants, and easy maintenance.
How it works:
GY pressurized drum rotation speed continuous Filtering machine, under the control of the inverter can be continuously variable.The drum and the housing coaxial rotation within the housing.Specific portions of the drum and the housing is filled with a specially designed sealing element, which are separated parts with the sealing element and the housing, in the pressure, the formation of the sealed chamber, the separation between the drum and the housing into a series of chambers body.Separator drum surface is divided into a series of spacer rings and the filter unit, the output lead-out tube and the tube correspond to the dispenser on the filtration unit.Material to be treated under the action of pressure, a continuous input into a filter unit within the drum, the filter in the interior, resulting in the cake, the cake in the rotating drum driven by a series of passes through the cavity and then, washing, extraction substitution, drying and other operations.
According to specific needs, washing and drying operations such as replacing the extracted one or more stages can be completed, the filter unit is filled with the cake was washed successively replacement extraction, drying and other operations, the filter unit into a No pressure area - cake dismount zone.In this region, the role of gas blowback action by the distributor or the scraper, the cake is completely removable.Removable filter cake, the filter into the cleaning area, the cleaning fluid in the action (cleaning liquid can backflush), the filter regeneration effectively.The filter cake was washed with the washing liquid can be used as liquid, reuse, so that the cleaning liquid can be collected solids, to reduce its loss.The mother liquor and wash liquid flowing through the pipe of the filter unit corresponding dispenser piping, a dispenser into a corresponding collection chamber, eventually to be collected.
Structure description:
- Tailor-made for your application.
The housing is divided into a series of filter units, the suspension to be treated, the washing liquid, steam, compressed air, respectively, so under certain pressure into the cells.Generally, the pressure from 0.3MPa to 0.6MPa, higher performance can be achieved by filtration.
Separators and drum surface is divided into many separate compartment ring, these compartments are filter unit, the material in the cavity formed across the cake.Cavity spacer securely mounted filter medium, such as a metal mesh, the multilayered sintered filter cloth or the like.Cake thickness 6 ~ 24mm, is changed.In particular, the maximum thickness of the filter cake can reach 150mm.Double jacket of the drum can be fitted to keep the temperature (hot or cold).
The dispenser can be filtered out were collected, washed with dry and liquid fluid, and to anti-reflux blown to backflush the filter cake is discharged.Cleaning fluid can enter in order to clean the filter, so the filter regeneration.The center is a rotating distributor bushings, upper cloth series lumen tubing correspondence and drum on the lumen.An outer sleeve housing, the housing is sealed partition separating the cavity into a series, the cavity (filter means), and the series of cavities corresponding to each other on the drum housing match.
4.The hopper and filter cleaning:
The filter cake is Filtering machine without pressure area is discharged, you can use such as air or nitrogen purge, cake and effective help unloading.You can also choose to install automatic scraper structure, promote discharge.If necessary, the hopper can be directly connected to an airtight container pick good material.Once the cake has been discharged, the screen to enter the wash area, continuously or on demand to accept cleaning.
5.Drive system:
Powered drive system rotates the drum, driven by the drive system, the rotation speed of the drum 60 per hour to 100.By the motor drive system (Ex, optional), reducer, electrical control systems and other components.If equipped with the inverter, the motor speed can be changed in order to achieve the purpose of changing the speed of the drum.The amount of processing, filter effects and drum speed inseparable.
Application areas:
1.Dyes and pigments:
Most dyes and pigments is extremely difficult to filter.Its filtration general requirements are as follows: yield, good washing effect, low cake moisture content.Continuous filtration equipment requirements, and the cake layer is relatively thin.Such as:
Phthalocyanine dyes, nacreous pigments, silicate pigments, aniline dyes, anthraquinone dyes.
2.Pharmaceutical intermediates:
Typically, these products are required in a completely closed environment with good washing effect, and asked to have a good dehydration.Meet the requirements of GMP.Such as: full synthetic or semi-synthetic antibiotics and antibiotic salts, herbal preparation, extraction.
Fine and coarse crystal polymer or the equipment used to obtain a good washing and dewatering.Good results can be obtained in the filtering apparatus of a large capacity, its capacity to achieve maximum material 100t / h.Such as: polyolefins, aromatic acids, acrylic acid (s) resin, a melamine formaldehyde resin.And so on.
4.Agricultural, specialty and fine chemicals:
GY pressure completely sealed rotary continuous operation Filtering machine, you can make the work shop to ensure strict security, can also handle toxic materials.Such as: pesticides, fungicides, herbs.
Fragile materials, especially crystals can not be destroyed, need to be handled gently.Also avoid contact with air.Such as: edible fats, amino acids, synthetic proteins, plant extracts, vitamins and the like.
6.Acetate Products:
With this apparatus, even the most difficult materials can also be effective filtering, washing, dehydration.At a specific temperature, can effectively solve the problem of the resulting gel.
7.Inorganic and Organic Chemistry:
Many products in the industry can use the device to be addressed, such as: hard rubber additives, sodium hydrosulfide ......
Technical parameters:
Drum diameter mm
Filter area m2
Length * width * height mm
Weight kg
1100 * 950 * 1640
2000 * 2000 * 1850
2750 * 2400 * 2220
3240 * 2980 * 3250
4350 * 3450 * 4100
VI.Operation process:
- Continuous rotary pressure filter.Particularly suitable for toxic and hazardous solvent-containing materials and filtration.
1.The filter cake and the filtrate was separated to form:
Material into the series of filter units on a drum, through the filter medium.Particles in the filter medium is blocked, the same structure and density of formed cake.
In the filter section, the filter cake is compressed, and with the rotation of the drum, into the next washing section for washing.
The washing liquid in the drum filtrate different areas into the respective conduit through the dispenser collected via respective outflow conduit, to achieve the purpose of separation.
2.The filter cake was washed with cake countercurrent treatment, the washing cycle:
The compressed filter cake structure and density of the same can be washed one or several segments.Rotary pressure Filtering machine is designed to allow small amount of washing liquid.
Washing liquid to completely cover the cake filtration unit and washed sufficiently.Wash liquid through the distributor, after their outflow pipe, if necessary, the washing liquid flowing to the filter cake can also be returned reuse.
3.Cake dewatering, drying:
At this stage, the filter cake was dry.May be air, nitrogen or other gas to a suitable temperature, the filter cake is blown filtration unit, to take away the water, the purpose of drying the filter cake.
If possible, the steam can be used as the gas to dry the filter cake.
The drying section of the dispenser to ensure that a large enough interval to ensure that drying can be unobstructed.
4.Cake removable, cleaning, filter cleaning:
For fully automatic operation Filtering machine, requires the cake easily removable and very thorough, which would also help lengthen the life of the filter.
GY rotary pressure Filtering machine, the cake may fall by its own gravity.If the cake is sticky and can not fall by its own gravity, then you must use gas blowback or scraper mechanism.
After the cake was dropped, and then they carry out cleaning of the filter.By high pressure, up to 2.5MPa, the cleaning means cleaning the discharge pressure water or other liquid is blown back from the filter, to clean the filter, so that the purpose of regeneration.
VII.Advantage description:
1.Airtight proof, continuous filtration, yield;
2.By controlling the rotational speed, to control the thickness of the filter cake.For hard to filter materials can be thin cake filtration;
3.Pressure filtration, filtration pressure up to 0.6MPa.Conducive difficult filtration material filter;
4.A rotation period to achieve filtering, washing, drying, and dried for various purposes, discharging, filter regeneration, greatly shorten the operation time, high efficiency;
5.Center drive, compact structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance;
6.Strong adaptability of materials that can handle a variety of materials.