Nutsche Filter/Filter-Dryer

Product Overview

MY series sealed pressure filter washing and drying machine, a variety of materials have good adaptability, especially for difficult to filter slurry and explosive, toxic, volatile, pollution and other materials processing, set the filter washing and drying operations in one industrial sector is therefore ideal for solid-liquid separation equipment pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food, chemicals, dyes, etc..This machine is designed by our company developed and put into practical application, these products fill the domestic blank, import substitution, in the separation of many toxic, harmful, pollution and other materials in the application prospect.

Structure introduced

MY series sealed pressure filter washing and drying machine is mainly composed of transmission components to enhance the main components parts, washing parts, scraper mechanism, cylinder components, pneumatic devices, filter plates, racks and associated piping and instrumentation, such as measurement and control components.

1 actuator 2 the elevating member 3. Combination of mechanical seals (or stuffing box) 4. Scraper 5. Lifting mechanism 6. Stirring shaft 7.Outlet valve
8.CIP device 9. Powder filter 10. Filter plate 11 tanks, the jacket 12. Hydraulic station 13. Control Systems

1.Transmission components:

Transmission components mainly by the motor, reducer, drive shaft, bearing, lubrication systems, seals and other components.Motor reducer drive shaft and shaft scraper agencies to achieve positive, reverse, by scraper mechanism, reverse reach removable cake, cake grind together causing cracks in pressure leaks, the need for slurry washing materials further from the mixing effect.Sealed to ensure no leakage between the cylinder and the drive shaft, make sure the cylinder internal pressure.

2.Upgrade components:

Upgrade parts mainly by the cylinder, the guide mechanism, etc., is to ensure that the implementing agencies scraper up and down movement.Enhance the reliability of components accurately position is crucial, therefore, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance process, it is necessary to adjust well to ensure a good trip switch position to guarantee the accuracy of upgrade components to run because of its position in order to avoid errors , resulting in damage to the filter plate scraper and other serious consequences!

3.Washing parts:

Washing parts of the cylinder to achieve internal and wash the filter cake.Washing liquid from the wash pipe entrance, through multiple washing nozzles, achieved on multiple cylinder internal and cake, comprehensive, continuous, uniform washing.

4.On the barrel:

The cylinder from the cylinder, head assemblies, flanges and other components.Head assembly includes a head, breathing valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, sight glass, liquid inlet washing, feeding port, such as compressed air inlet inlet nozzle.Transmission parts, components and enhance the washing member so mounted on the barrel.

5.scraper mechanism:

scraper mechanism to achieve three functions: (1) Discharge: After the filter cake formed on the filter plate, scraper body drop and rotate the cake and whipped arrived discharge valve from the plane; (2) grind level: When the filter cake cracks, scraper means reverse rotation, the crack Flattening avoid leakage pressure to ensure the normal filter; (3) mixing: the need to filter the slurry material from the mixing can be the role of the mother liquor and wash liquid accelerated replacement to optimize cleaning effect.

6.Outlet valve:

Manual or automatic quick opening discharge valve.Mounted on the cylinder side of the cake discharge from the valve port.

7.Filter plate:

Consists of multi-layered sintered metal mesh.Can be divided into whole-mount and split-mount.Overall the filter disk is mounted as a whole.Split-mount the filter disk is divided into multiple blocks, each small filter plate installed independently.Can be selected according to the actual needs of its filtering accuracy and materials.Filter plate rigidity, filtration precision, can be repeatedly washed, long-term use.Filter plate is a key component of the entire machine, its precision is directly related to the filtering effect.

8.Under the barrel:

The plate cylinder is mounted in the filter carrier.Flange, cylinder, head, discharge valve port, the liquid outlet, removable support frame and the like.Under the cylinder barrel in action can automatically be hanging to the ground, through the movable support frame can be quick and easy to move, easy to do a thorough cleaning of the filter plate.


The machine frame is supported.Rack legs have bolt holes.

10.Automatic control system:

Control of the machine PLC or computer through centralized control through pressure controller, temperature controller, limit switches, proximity switches and level detectors for monitoring and feedback, in order to achieve automatic control.


MY series sealed pressure filter washing and drying machine working process can be divided into four processes:
(1) Feed Filter: under the action of the pump, the material to be separated into the machine by the pump pressure, the initial stage of filtration.After the feed passed through the compressed gas under the pressure of the compressed air is filtered again, the solid-liquid separation of material to be separated.The filter media according to different characteristics of products and materials, use a variety of cloth or stainless steel multi-media specifications and different sintered filter plate, filter accuracy can reach 5-10um, filter plate fixed to the machine under the barrel can be cleaned Removable.Replacement of product variety, you only need to replace the filter plates can be realized, a device can be used for multiple products.The filter cake formed by a special scraper mechanism smoothed to eliminate cracks cake, filter cake distribution, uniform thickness, so that the solid-liquid separation more completely.
(2) beating wash: wash can body through a special cleaning liquid round, evenly distributed inside the machine, the material inside the washing machine and washing can be achieved.Mixing by stirring can drill the scraper mechanism and the filter cake was washed thoroughly mixed, forming a slurry suspension of the final filter cake was washed sufficiently.Depending on the circumstances of materials, optional repeated washing.
(3) drying: After thoroughly washed, pass into the air, carried on the cake was dry.Material to be dried, through the steam or hot air (nitrogen) under the action of vacuum, the material was dried.
(4) Discharge: The cake was dry scraper mechanism under the effect of the cake is whipped and is rushed to the side of the discharge valve, from the plane.

During operation Introduction

1.Preparation process:

Washing machine in the first Clean; material handled as temperature requirements, you must first ensure that there is a steam source or turn steam; The need to protect the material from the first nitrogen to nitrogen inside the air displacement; then stir paddles raised to the top.

2.Feeding and filtration process:

The suspension from a pump or by the feed throat of the machine high, while the filtrate passes through the filter medium is discharged through the discharge tube, the suspension is filtered in the solid phase medium trapped while opening the breathing valve for feeding, to be added to a material After the amount of breathing valve closed.I.e., when the filter feed, the feed pressure depends on the pressure of the filter case such as to meet the filtration feed pressure requirements, continuous feed, until the batch of material addition is complete, the remaining material inside the difficult to filter under its own gravity, this When the compressed air source must be open to pressure filtration until the end of the filter; as the relatively low feed pressure, the feeding slow filtration, a need to add to the amount of material (or fill), the addition was stopped, open the compressed gas source, Under pressure, the filter, the filter inside the machine and then be finished feeding the material, so repeated several times feeding, for different materials, pressure filtration time can be set freely.

3.The filter cake washing process:

The need for washing the filter cake, after the end of the pressure filters, washing the filter cake.At this paddle down the material stirred up, while adding detergent, washing beating, stop stirring until after repeated pressure filtration operation.For repeated washing, repeated either.Do not need to be washed as beating, using displacement washing can.

4.Drying process:

The need for drying the filter cake after washing program, the program for drying operation, drying and vacuum source is turned on, the machine chassis both circumferential and filtered through steam heated drying time depending on the specific material.

5.Discharge process:

After the drying process, the exhaust valve opens breathing and decreased scraper, while the solid discharge port valve is opened, the solid phase discharge, scraper down to the bottom, i.e., the discharge process is completed.

Since the structure and processing equipment limitations, there are some functional defects, such as paddle is also a problem with the gap between the bottom of the tank residual material sintered plate, with the tank diameter increases the gap increased accordingly, the general control of 6 ~ 10mm, even up to 12mm.Currently, more than manual removal powder methods are:

1, open the side of the discharge valve, the use of PTFE material from the side of the discharge port rake Bachu.

2, the filter base plate removed manually picking the material and clear.

3, a remainder of the powder with a solvent to dissolve, re-crystallization or discarded.

6.Filter regeneration process:

Through CIP system, using detergent tank, trim, washing the filter regeneration, then enter the next round filtration cycle.

Throughout the process, washed, dried, and the regeneration process can be selected according to the specific materials and user requirements, maintenance and replacement of the filter by opening the three cylinders and the base assembly outside the machine be moved.The entire operation to implement monitoring and operation by detecting instrumentation, PLC and cylinder with automatic valve, user selectable automatic or semi-automatic control operation control operations.

Machine features

(1) a machine can set pulping, washing, filtering, drying functions in one, save money;

(2) closed operation, especially for toxic, hazardous and polluting materials, safe and reliable operation;

(3) reducing the loss and waste products or organic solvents;

(4) There are special requirements for reusable materials slurry filtration;

(5) filter medium and long service life, easy to replace;

(6) compact, easy to install, reducing installation space and installation costs;

(7) low energy consumption, no vibration, noise, stable and reliable;

(8) The equipment complies with GMP standards, CIP cleaning.

VI.Typical use

(1) applies to the pharmaceutical industry;

(2) Fine Chemicals;

(3) chemical dyes and pigments;

(4) the food industry;

(5) produce refined chemicals;

(6) polymers and resins;

(7) other related solid-liquid separation industries.

Model description and technical parameters:

1.Model Description

2.Technical Parameters


The inner diameter of the container mm

Filter area m

Nominal volume m3

Cake thicknessmm

Nominal MPa

Power kW






















































































* You can select different filter precision machine materials, structural configuration, etc. depending on the materials.

Typical processes