Patente I: Centrifugal machine uniform cloth and washing device (Patent No.: ZL 03 2 59574.3)
Technology areas: 
The utility model relates Centrifugal machine components. More specifically, the cloth washing apparatus Centrifugal machine and, in particular, in a vertical or Horizontal Centrifugal machine (such as Three-column type Centrifugal machine, hanging bag unloading Centrifugal machine, scraper discharge Centrifugal machine, etc.) of the cloth and washing devices. 
Centrifugal machine fabrics and washing apparatus, characterized in Centrifugal machine drum is provided with its own axis of rotation of the rotary center line of the cloth bucket, bucket cloth Centrifugal machine drum axis and the axis of an angle of 0 ° ~ 90 ° , cloth bucket with a feeding tube and wash located on a fixed set of tubes connected. The utility model can be uniform, high speed drum for Centrifugal machine wash cloth and carried the one hand, to avoid the vibration Centrifugal machine in the fabric caused by the uneven fabric, and the consequent potential safety problems, on the other hand due to the washing uniformity can largely save the amount of washing liquid 
The patent structure can be installed on the following machines: 
◆ GLZ no basis for vertical scraper discharge automatic Centrifugal machine 
◆ SD Three-column hanging bag Centrifugal machine 
◆ LD no basic hanging bagCentrifugal machine 
◆ Other Vertical or Horizontal Centrifugal machine
Patent II: CIP centrifugal extraction machine (patent number: ZL 03 2 59539.5)
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The utility model relates to chemical production equipment, more specifically an extraction machine. 
CIP centrifugal extractor, characterized in that the drum in its structure, the rotation axis of the hollow shaft, one end of the hollow shaft and the drive motor output axis, and the other end having an external water source communicating with joints in the hollow the axis on the side wall is provided series of water nozzles, disposed at the bottom of the drain valve housing.The utility model is in place so that the cleaning process cleaning centrifugal extractor easy, simple and convenient to avoid the effects caused by the demolition of the efficiency of the cleaning, but also to avoid the impact of frequent demolition of the life of the machine may cause.

Patent III: Multi scraper mechanism (patent number: ZL 2008 2 0211445.4) 

The utility model discloses a multi-purpose scraper mechanism Filtering machine, which combines washing, beating, scraping, rush materials, drying and share materials and other functions in one, in the lower end of the rotating vertical shaft welded mounting plate, scraper bar by the bottom surface of the bolt and the mounting plate is detachably connected, and a metal shim between the add, by adjusting the thickness of the metal gasket, to ensure that all of the scraper blade plate in the same plane; scraper rod may be hollow, can be passed directly and steam into the washing liquid, the material layer directly on the cake was washed and dried to avoid the old pipeline to be installed in another structure; all scraper asymmetric distribution, superimposed on each other to cover the entire area of ??operation of the filtering surface. The utility model scraper mechanism installation and maintenance simple and convenient; scraper pad wear when in need of replacement, can be individually replaced independently.

Patent IIII: detachable type filter plate (patent number: ZL 2008 2 0211446.9) 

The utility model discloses a split-type filter plate, solid cylinder of the filter device was set certain arrangement of beams and cross beams form a bracket having a plurality of vertical intervals, each interval within each laid a filter plate removably, the contact surface between the filter plate with the bracket mounted to the inner seal section to form a seal to the top surface of the filter plate having a concave surface of the filter holes and in that the solid has a concave recess depth is consistent with the multilayered metal sintered filter, the whole forming a plurality of filter plates filter plate stitching. The utility model is to split the filter disc, which is composed of a series of different shapes and quantities of the filtration plate, the size of each of the filtration plate are calculated through, the filter can carry enough pressure without compression deformation lead to the destruction; each filter plate size is relatively small, the mesh welding, can effectively ensure flatness, the phenomenon does not appear from the dark screen.
Patent V: Computer Software Copyright 
"Filtration separation equipment selection expert system" GLFLXX V1.0 version, registration number 2008SR31399.

Patents six: Centrifugal machine lid flipped electromechanical interlock protection agency (ZL 2009 2 0187358.4) 
Patent Seven: conical drum centrifugal extractor (ZL 2009 2 0171718.1) 
Patent eight: an on-line solid sampling device (ZL 2009 2 0187234.6) --patents.