1. "Fluid Mechanics", thesis title "laboratory with a small annulus flow centrifugal extractor" 
2. "Petroleum and Chemical Equipment," paper name "filtration separation equipment selection expert system Introduction" 
3. "Chemical Equipment Technology", the paper names "dicyandiamide production process of new Centrifugal machine applications." 
4. "Hydrometallurgy," paper name "centrifugal extraction of solid formation and emulsion problems." 
5. "Development and application of direct-coupled centrifugal extraction separation machine,""Modern Chemical Industry", thesis title 
6. "Development and application prospects of new centrifugal extraction machine" "filtration and separation," paper name 
7. "Chemical Safety and the Environment", thesis title: "Centrifugal machine using the security analysis of the explosion sites"; 
8. "Synthetic Fiber Industry", the paper did not name: "the use of centrifugal separators processing caprolactam extraction waste." 
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→ "slagging control with the use of composite sections spiral Centrifugal machine containing fine particles of material handling" ----- Translation Abstract: This paper describes a novel design spiral unloading settlement Centrifugal machine, its purpose is to use it sludge containing fine particles of micron dehydrated sludge containing such particles form a paste, flowable hard dehydrated cake. The model is designed to control the slag of a composite section with the structure, which allows the filter cake is pressed out of the drying zone to return the liquid in the liquid tank, thus ensuring a higher yield of solid. In a series of operating parameters for (feed speed, the centrifugal force, the liquid pool, the differential feed solids concentration and different sludge types) for optimal performance, the control structure of the slag should be adjustable. The second part of the composite sections was zero angle is preferably. Tests have shown this new design Centrifugal machine can improve the degree of drying of solids, but also increase the output of solid production. 
Keywords: spiral unloading settlement Centrifugal machine, fine granular sludge, cream cake, off liquid, composite segment "process industries" 
→ "The new scraper Centrifugal machine in dicyandiamide production application" 
Abstract: This paper introduces a new filtering Centrifugal machine - GLZ type without foundation scraper discharging automatic Centrifugal machine in the production process transformation DCD application. GLZCentrifugal machine described in detail in the application of DCD production process, the relevant data, the results and the resulting economic and social benefits. Meanwhile a brief introduction GLZCentrifugal machine structure, advantages and so on. 
Keywords: Centrifugal machine, scraper Centrifugal machine, dicyandiamide, technological innovation "Modern Chemical Industry" 
→ "alternative to the traditional Three-column-type scraper discharge Centrifugal machine Centrifugal machine new filtering Development" 
Abstract: This paper introduces a new filtering Centrifugal machine - GLZ1250-N type without foundation scraper discharging automatic Centrifugal machine structure, innovation, working principle, the main technical parameters and test conditions, such as rice milk dehydration. Highlights the differences between the aircraft and the traditional Three-column Centrifugal machine, noting that the aircraft in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries can replace Three-column type Centrifugal machine. 
Keywords: Centrifugal machine, Three-column Centrifugal machine, isolated, medicine, GMP certification "Fluid Mechanics" 
→ "LGLY continuous vertical juice squeezed Filtering machine design and application." 
Design and Application of Model LGLY Vertical Continuous Filter Press for Fruit Juice Extraction 
Abstract: This paper describes a novel application of the juice extraction industry Filtering machine-LGLY continuous vertical juice squeezed Filtering machine. Introduced its structural design, technical parameters, working principle, application and test cases, which focuses on the overall structure of the key aircraft design and application of technology, to provide a reference for the design and application. And a brief analysis of the specific situation and trends in the fruit juice industry, combined with the advantages of the aircraft, pointing out the juice extracting machine is a device with promising. 
Keywords: filter design Juice Belt type press Filtering machine food 
2002 Section 3, "filtration and separation." 
→ "Foreign horizontal belt vacuum Filtering machine's Progress" 
1993 a "filtration and separation." 
→ "Experimental Study of Soda Alkali solid-liquid separation." 
October 1992 "Second National Seminar on environmental pollution control technology." 
→ "Belt type press Filtering machine filter life with analysis of influencing factors." 
1993 a "Fluid Machinery" 
→ "Experimental Study of metallurgical sludge flocculation technology." 
October 1994 "The Second Sino-Japanese cooperation International Symposium on filtration and separation." 
→ "The reason Three-column type Centrifugal machine Common Accidents" 
1996 7 "Fluid Machinery" 
→ "Development and Application of Belt type press Filtering machine" 
October 1997 "The Third Sino-Japanese cooperation International Symposium on filtration and separation." 
→ "Technical Development of Automatic backflush Filtering machine" 
Development of the Technology of Fully Automatic Backflush Filter 
1997 a "filtration and separation." 
→ "F & SCAD separate mechanical CAD software." 
F & CAD software for Filteration & Separation 
Summary: F & SCAD is widely popular in the world of AutoCAD R14 for Windows 95 as a platform for professional CAD mechanical separation system. Includes: User secondary development, general machinery parts optimization design calculations and drawings, GB pieces parametric graphics library and engineering databases, mechanical separation equipment selection expert system, commonly used filter media performance and selection of domestic databases, forms and basic parameters of mechanical separation standard library, finite element structural analysis, Centrifugal machine (separator) technology and structural parameter calculation, drawing information management modules. 
Keywords: Computer CAD parametric design calculation separation machinery 
1998 3 "filtration and separation." 
→ "The new automatic backwash Filtering machine development and application of" 
Development and Application of New Type of Automatic Backflush Filter 
Abstract: This paper introduces a new type of automatic backwash Filtering machine structure and working principle, performance characteristics and technical parameters 
Keywords: automatic backwash Filtering machine water filter metal filter element 
On a "filtration and separation." 
→ "Auxiliary Field Filtering machine separation technology in the new application." 
Application of separation Technology by Auxiliary Force Field in New Filter 
Abstract: Through the introduction of several typical new filtration equipment, discusses the auxiliary force field separation technique works, unlike the development prospects of the superiority of the traditional separation methods and the technology in filtration separation applications. 
Keywords: Auxiliary Field Filtering machine applications 
2002 The first two "filtration and separation." 
→ "LW450 × 1810-N-type spiral unloading settlement Horizontal Centrifugal machine applied research in urban sewage." 
Application of Model LW450 × 1810-N Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge in Municipal Sewage Water Treatment
Abstract: The LW450 × 1810-N-type Horizontal spiral unloading settlement Centrifugal machine made a detailed analysis in urban sewage, and some of the structural characteristics of the aircraft, electrical control other aspects of a more comprehensive introduction. In addition, the aircraft pilot in the wastewater treatment plant in case there are detailed instructions. According to the test results prove that the machine is designed to successfully achieve the desired design requirements. 
Keywords: Sewage sludge spiral unloading settlement Centrifugal machine electrical 
2001 Section 4 "filtration and separation." 
→ "centrifugal extraction machine technology development and its application in environmental protection." 
Technical Development of Centrifugal Extractor and Its Application in Environmental Protection 
Abstract: The principle of centrifugal extractors and extraction features the work of the introduction of the latest development, pointing out that environmental governance, especially in the chemical wastewater treatment and reuse, the aircraft due to its unique advantages and therefore has a very broad application prospects. 
Keywords: centrifugal extractor extract phenolic wastewater treatment 
2000 Section 4 "filtration and separation." 
→ "Opening Centrifugal machine drum finite element analysis." 
Sino-Japanese cooperation in filtration and separation of the second session of the International Symposium "Proceedings" 
→ "HRZ630-N column cone Pistons pushing Centrifugal machine developed." 
Sino-Japanese cooperation in the Third International Symposium on filtration and separation, "Proceedings"