To ensure the quality of machining, the company spared no expense, improve their processing capacity. The company now has a bright and spacious modern processing plant, processing equipment, such as: large vertical lathe (4 meters maximum machining diameter), shearing, bending, all kinds of lathes, milling machines, planer, universal grinder, radial drilling , CNC EDM, welding machines, welding machines, plasma cutting, gas cutting, etc., vehicles such as forklifts and other lifting equipment, various types of testing equipment such as: digital vibrometer, digital point thermometer to measure the noise with a sound level meter, laser tachometer and other sensitive type of testing equipment; rotating parts to ensure accuracy, dynamic balancing machine is equipped with a heavy-duty and light-precision balancing machines. To ensure the processing level, to ensure the quality of the machine, the company also hired an experienced fitter, riveter, welder, turner, gold plate, assembly and other technical workers.

Company according to the modern enterprise system management, the procedure has supervision, inspection, testing procedures, and strictly according to the process and related standards. Machine factory in strict accordance with the relevant standards and technical requirements related testing, verification, to ensure each machine factory are to meet quality requirements.

By expanding the scale of processing, improve the processing technology, the implementation of advanced management methods to ensure the quality of workers, the company full strength, there is separation technology to produce various types of filtration equipment and other non-standard equipment.

Companies with a variety of experimental Centrifugal machine, Filtering machine, extraction machines and scales, beakers, test tubes and other essential laboratory instruments, ready for users to test the product selection process and other experiments, according to user requirements, with machines home experiment.

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