New pictures!

New pictures are available!

Hi everyone!

We have placed new pictures here (letter "D" and "E"). Our puppies just turn two months. They are awaiting for their new families. Five kiddy boys and three cheerful girls are available.

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Litter "D" and "E"

Hi for everybody!

A year has passed, and I finally decided to update the website. I want to send out my genuine apologies to all my friends and visitors of the website. The year that passed was not easy. So, the events of the past year: no too much. Dora participated in a dog showcase and she won 2nd best in the group! You can congratulate her! Bina grew up to be gorgeous and Asya was always beautiful, she became more so. And now on to the most important news:

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Litter "C"

Coming soon Litter “C”!

We have great news! Dora is expecting puppies! But let's start from the beginning...

On May 24, 2011, Dora has been bred. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that Dora has mated with a beautiful stud of our kennel's origin! The chosen male is the very first puppy from our first litter "A" - Adam of Mountain Grandeur. We all patiently waited when Adam would grow up so that he can be bred. We have waited long enough! The mating was successful, and even though Adam is a young stud, he is very active. Dora was great too and, as seen from the past, she is a wonderful mother. Her pregnancy is going smoothly, without any complications.  We are expecting a new litter full of cute puppies around 25-26 of July.

Attention to all potential clients:

There has been a great interest in Dora's puppies. You may place your name on a wait list here.

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Litter "C" - "We are here!!!"

Attention Ladies and Gentlemens!

Champion Central Asian Shepherds, Adam and Dora (Vafo Dor Vahshsa & Adam of Mountain Grandeur),

are now proud parents of 8 new puppies!

The great boy's and girl's of Mountain Grandeur!!! All puppies SOLD out!!

Click here to see more pictures!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 October 2012 19:29 )


About Us!

The kennel of Central Asian Shepherds “Mountain Grandeur” was established in august of 2008. The founder and owner of the kennel is Igor Sergeev, dog-expert with more than 20 years experience.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 January 2010 08:43 )

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